Talks and workshops

I offer talks on the following topics, which can be adapted to suit different audiences. An experienced and qualified speaker and teacher, I have been asked to give talks and workshops in a wide variety of different locations across the country – including WI’s and gardening clubs, community groups, special needs, children and adults – in village halls, large audiences at the Bath and West Show and outdoors at festivals. All of the talks and workshops can be tailored to suit the audience and location.

The talks are fully illustrated with slides and I bring interesting, interactive props.

Feedback has been excellent and I am frequently re-booked. The talks and workshops are fully illustrated with slides and props.

Please Contact me for further details and to discuss your requirements.

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Gardening talks and workshops, grow great veg with no dig gardening!

No Dig Gardening – my particular area of expertise is growing on allotments, in domestic gardens and on large private estates! The talk covers the wonderful benefits of this economical and effective method, with many ideas for growing successfully and weed-free all year round in a variety of spaces and locations, from the smallest garden to larger plots.

Perennial Kitchen Gardening perennial vegetables, fruit and herbs which grow well in the UK, this illustrated talk explores perennial edible plants which are ideal for home gardens and allotments, how to grow them and some recipes.

Growing and using Edible Flowers – how to grow a wide range of edible flowers, including varieties and sowing/growing tips, and ways of preserving them, including recipes ranging including cosmetics, food and cocktails.

How To Grow a Bar Garden! – This talk explains the fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables you can grow and forage for to create a wide range of delicious alcoholic and non alcoholic cocktails, cordials, liqueurs, wines, syrups and beers. I share some of my recipes and bring examples for you to smell (contact me if you would like tastings, I will see what I can do.)

Allotment Gardening – How to start and maintain an allotment, including growing food all year round, demonstrating techniques for low maintenance methods which really work, soil health, high yields, successional sowing and productive wildlife friendly plots.

Growing in Pots and Small Spaces – How to grow your own vegetables, herbs, flowers and fruit if you don’t have access to much (or any) soil or to make hard landscaped areas of your garden productive, including ideas for multi-level growing, year round harvesting and homemade recipes for increasing soil fertility for pot grown plants.

Growing Under Cover – A polytunnel can really extend the growing season and open up the opportunity of growing more tender edible plants with exciting flavours. This talk looks at how to set up a multi-use polytunnel and grow food all year round, maintaining fertility, soil and plant health naturally. The talk also explores other ways of growing under cover including unheated greenhouses, cloches and kitchen windowsills.

Composting – How to set up and maintain effective composting systems at home, allotments and community gardens, including exploring the myths around composting and adding beneficial plants to help your heap. The talk looks at heaps you can make for free and buy, including using a Hotbin. It also discusses what to do with your compost once you have made it!

Companion Planting – Exploring ways of growing fruit, flowers and vegetables so that they benefit each other (and when they don’t!) including methods from history, folklore and other cultures.

Gardening by the Moon – The moon exerts a powerful force upon the oceans and, it is claimed, on the growth and health of plants. This talk explains the ideas behind moon sowing, offering practical advice of how one can use this method in sowing, growing and creating fertility.

Practical, potion making talks and workshops

– empowering, creative and fun!

Make your own Garden Potions – how to make different natural, eco-friendly and thrifty gardening potions to feed the soil, plants and keep bugs away, using plants you can grow or forage for, without harming wildlife.

Make your own Natural Eco-Cleaning Potions – using plants you can grow and forage for, plus some natural store cupboard ingredients, learn to make your own fresh, amazing smelling cleaning potions for the home and garden. Save money whilst helping the planet!

Make your own Natural Body Potions – learn which plants to grow so that you can make a variety of healthy potions for your body – non toxic, kind to the environment and they make you feel great. Homemade potions make lovely gifts for family and friends.
(All potions are for external use only)

Coming up  – seasonal recipes, preserving  and cooking talks and workshops – contact me for more information.

Day and Weekend Courses at Homeacres – Charles teaches these courses, I provide a huge seasonal lunch made with fresh vegetables, herbs and fruit from our gardens


“Each year … Stephanie creates a demonstration no-dig vegetable garden from plants she has raised at home. the effect is really impressive, but I wonder how many people realise the sheer gardening skill it takes to get so many healthy, vigorous vegetables plants all ready to be transplanted into the demo garden on the same date – or the sheer amount of work involved. Every year I look at it and think: ‘That was done by a real gardener.'” Patrick Whitefield, author, Permaculture expert

I relished the emphasis on the link between the joy of growing things and the joy of eating what you’ve grown.  Steph’s lunch was a creative and vibrant feast (and she, an inspiring gardener & warm host too). Jini Reddy, who spent a day with us at Homeacres

“Steph Hafferty is one of those rare beings who manages to communicate her wealth of knowledge and understanding in a way that makes you want to pick up a trowel and start growing your supper! She is an absolute mine of information on all things growable and edible – as well as being a living example of how growing your own food is good for the mind, body and soul. Steph’s enthusiasm for gardening is infectious and it is impossible to spend time with her without wanting to learn more about her wonderful world.” Brigit Strawbridge, campaigner for bees – she gives the best, most inspiring bee talks ever.

“Steph Hafferty’s No Dig organic garden and workshops have been a real inspiration at both the Sunrise Celebration and the Sunrise Off-Grid festival. Her workshops are always popular, well attended and very enjoyable. People ask a lot of questions – indeed, Steph is an excellent people person, good with both large groups and individuals, someone who empowers people to go off and grow their own. A real champion of the No Dig technique, she has convinced even a double digger like me to a different, more natural way of growing.”  Jon Cousins: Sunrise Festival organiser, Town Councillor, Mayor, Green Party

“Thank you for such a really useful workshop. You’re a great importer of knowledge and your passion comes through, which is as important as anything!”  Mark Boyle, the Moneyless Man – author and activist

“Steph has a dynamic way of communicating her solid knowledge on all vegetable growing matters and I would recommend attending a talk of hers to anyone interested in growing their own vegetables.”  James Robinson, attended a workshop