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Autumn update


Suddenly it is autumn!

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Summer harvests from the kitchen garden


Summer abundance fills my garden and kitchen, the delicious harvest of mulching, sowing, pricking out, planting, weeding, watering and caring for so many vegetables, herbs and fruit.

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The kitchen garden in June

Red Admiral butterfly feeding on the Red Valerian in my front garden

The polytunnel planting is designed to crop on different levels to make full use of the growing space.

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Spring growing, harvests, sowing and seed saving for next winter!

The first blossom on the greengage

This is such an exciting, busy time – every day there is something new…

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Late Winter – Signs of Spring


I spotted this ladybird enjoying some sunshine on a spinach leaf in my polytunnel on February 19th. The utilitarian structure has a range of habitats which provide shelter for many ladybirds and other beneficial creatures including a toad and spiders. Some…

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January allotment in the sunshine


My lovely allotment is just a few minutes’ walk up the road. Most days  I can walk up there with a trug and trowel to garden or gather food, but when I am harvesting a lot of vegetables or need…

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The New Year Kitchen Garden


This morning during an unexpected burst of sunshine with blue skies, I harvested salad in the polytunnel, adding chicories from one of the raised beds in the front garden to the mix

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The Winter Solstice Polytunnel

tunnel salads and vegetables, pak choi for stir fries

Over the winter the polytunnel is full of abundance – salad leaves, some vegetables, herbs and sometimes the washing!

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Growing food in Thailand

Rice ripening in Luang Nuea, near Chiang Mai

Something a bit different from my usual kitchen garden posts – growing food in a tropical climate!

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Autumn recipes


Some of my recipes are featured in the November 2015 issues of Gardens Illustrated Magazine in an article about Charles’ garden at Homeacres. I am going to add some more recipes using seasonal, homegrown ingredients here but I won’t be able…

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Summer to Autumn

summer vegetables - yellow courgette, golden beetroot, peas, red cabbage, patty pan squash, crookneck squash, fennel, spring onions

Summer: a busy time filled with such abundance – harvests, preserving, storing – plus sowing and planting to ensure continuous crops throughout the winter and through next spring.

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What’s in season in my kitchen garden – June


I’m rather late writing this post because I have been so busy in the garden sowing, planting, clearing and picking all of the fresh new flavours of summer.

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