What’s in season in my kitchen garden? May

This month there is an abundance of new flavours, including first peas and broadbeans, sown last autumn and overwintered in the polytunnel – so sweet and outside, the long awaited asparagus!

In the polytunnel I am harvesting salad, spring onions, Florence fennel, spinach, chard, herbs, beetroot leaves, pea shoots, broad bean shoots and calendula (for making potions with, they are also good in a salad) all overwintered. The tunnel is gradually being cleared and mulched for the summer crops.

Outside, I am picking more chard and spinach, spring greens, purple and white sprouting broccoli, cauliflowers, rhubarb, perennial kale, Cavolo Nero kale, asparagus and herbs (chervil, chives, coriander, dill, purple and green sage, rosemary, different mints, lemon balm, thyme, parsley, French tarragon, sorrel.)

I am foraging for nettles and soon should be picking the first elderflowers.

The greenhouse is full of tender plants, waiting to be planted out. A tray of basil microleaves should be ready soon. This is a seed tray of basil left after pricking out all that I need. Kept in the greenhouse on a gentle heat, it will soon provide an early taste of basil to enliven a few meals, before the main plants are productive.

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2 Comments on “What’s in season in my kitchen garden? May

  1. I was curious, how big is your greenhouse and how big would be optimal for household use (family of 5 if it matters)? Thank you. Elena

    • I’m not sure how big my greenhouse is,it came with the house. I can measure it for you.

      I am not sure what the optimal size would be for a family – would you be wanting to grow in it as well as raise plants? My polytunnel is 12 ft x 40 ft, if that helps.

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