What’s in season in my kitchen garden? April

April 2015

I am picking a lot of overwintered purple sprouting broccoli and perennial kale outside, also the last of the leeks and parsnips which are just starting to grow again. A couple of the leeks are going to flower. I’ll leave them for as long as I can as the flowers are so dramatic and the bees love them (until I need the space for something else!) The parsnips too would go to flower if I left them, but I do need the space for new plantings there, so all of the parsnips have been harvested now. The bolting Brussels sprouts are delicious too, as are some overwintered chard which are starting to bolt after a few weeks of warm (for England) weather.

Asparagus are starting to emerge next to the kale in my perennial bed, alongside various perennial onions which I have only had  since last summer – they were establishing last year so I am yet to work out what to do with them, how to use them in the kitchen.

In the polytunnel, I am picking a lot of salad, chard and spinach, all planted last October. There’s also spring onions, Florence fennel and many herbs – chervil, coriander, dill, parsley, mints, sage, sorrel, chives, French tarragon, thyme. The rosemary is in flower and the Sweet Cicely is growing well, many leaves and the first few flowers. A good sweetener for the abundant rhubarb. I have been making a fresh, sugar free relish with some of my rhubarb.

The last of the stored beetroot will be eaten this week, as will the squash I think – lots of soup for the weekend, which looks as though it will be much damper and cooler than is has been the past couple of weeks.

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